Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Highs and the Lows

We did it again. This winter has not been nice to our family in the way of health. I am not sure how it keeps happening. I am pretty sure I have taught my kids not to lick the ground or chew the gum you find under tables, but somehow it keeps happening. Last week Ty had to stay home due to the typical cough and asthma cold he gets, but this one lasted about 5 days which is much longer than usual. That just prepped us for Monday night when both little ones cried and cried with ear pain. Actually Austin just cried and cried and we couldn't figure out why. Then when Tanner woke up at 2 am with ear pain we clued in that maybe that was what was bothering Austin too. Sure enough, the next morning the doctor diagnosed them both with double ear infections and they both had their right ear drum rupture. Austin also had a 102.5 fever and was so out of it. Tanner was a quick fix but Austin's cold seemed to linger. Thursday morning I woke up with a horrible cold, and I don't get sick, so that really threw me off. Friday morning my cold had gotten worse and by mid morning I got a call from the school asking me to come pick up Ty because he had pink eye. We have never had pink eye before but the thought of that running it's course threw our family was overwhelming that day. I begged Eric to come home but he couldn't. Yesterday Ty's other eye got infected and he stayed in quarantine all day while Austin and I coughed all over the house. This morning Tanner is 100%, Ty's eyes are 95% clear but Austin and I are still coughing, and Eric, probably not wanting to feel left out, is claiming he is feeling something coming on. Whew, can you tell I am just sick of being sick!! Yuck!!

But there is a huge highlight to this week. It is kind of silly, but to me, it seriously made my whole month! Okay, so there is
this photographer from Colorado that I love love love. Her name is Sandy Puc and she has a tour that she does yearly and I have been to each year she has been to Sacramento. She comes and gives other photographers ideas and suggestions about the business. Her story is truly inspiring. She started photography 17 years ago out of her home. She turned her master bedroom into a studio and she tells the story of how she would have to stand in her bathroom sink to get the shot if she was shooting more than 4 people at a time. She is LDS and has 4 beautiful children. Over the years she grew her business and she is now the most high end photography studio in her area of Colorado. I always come away from her lectures feeling inspired and empowered. Anyway, last month I had the opportunity to see her again. When the night was over I wrote a quick thank you note to her expressing my appreciation for her and the knowledge she shares and gave it to her. I thought nothing more of it. I just wanted to let her know how much I enjoyed the programs she had given us the last few years. WELL...... last night I got AN EMAIL FROM HER. She wrote me an email just thanking me for my note and a few other little things. It was seriously nothing big, but the fact that she took the time to go find my website and then my email address to write ME a word of thanks, well, it just really made my day, obviously. Just that she would take time to thank me, so cool.
So there are my last 10 days in a glance. Really not much going on except trying to make it. Last piece of good news.... it is going to be a beautiful, sunshine filled week. I only hope we are all up and going so we can enjoy it. Then again, maybe a little sun is just what the doctor ordered.


Alexis said...

seriously your poor family this winter!!!! Hope things get better!

Ashley said...

i feel your pain to some extent... i've got a sore throat and two sick kids right now two. it stinks! but congrats on the email from your mentor. that is awesome! and those lost pics of austin are SO great. how fun for you both to have some time together and memories to prove it!