Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Batter Up!

Monday night was Ty's first t-ball game. He was super excited! I am so glad he was feeling well enough to play. There are lots of pictures, but I put a few in a slideshow to show ya. There are 21 games total this season, so be ready for lots of game recaps :)

The best part was getting him all suited up. I made Eric do it for a few reasons but mainly because it is mandatory league rules that all boys wear an athletic cup and I really thought that first experience should be something between a father and a son. He wasn't a fan as most almost 6 year-olds probably aren't. You'll see him in one of the shots adjusting it. :) I thought it was hilarious and I just know in a few years those things will be all over my house and the boys will be wearing them around on their heads. I love sports!

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