Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome to Penryn

Our friends the Leavitts recently moved to Penryn, just up the road about 15 min, so we piled the kids in the car one night to have dinner at their new place with some more friends too.
Dinner was great (thanks Noel) and it was the perfect night to sit outside in the yard and enjoy time with good friends. Between our three families we had 5 little boys there, and since then Noel and I have added two more boys to the group. I am hoping in March Diana can get a girl to join the group, but we will have to wait and see :)They have some chickens too, so the boys thought that was amazing and we all went to feed them. I guarantee you that was the highlight of the night. And ever since then each time we head up there, the first thing my boys ask is if we can go see the chickens.

Nights like these are some of my favorite time with friends. Thanks girls!! (and boys)

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