Friday, April 2, 2010

Keep Those Eggs Coming!

After we hit the hunt in the morning in GB we came back to Roseville for a picnic with the ward at a near by park where they also had a hunt for the kids. This one was a little more relaxed and the kids knew how many they could get, so there was no stress or strategies involved for me. I actually just sat in a blanket and watched the fun unfold before me. It was a beautiful day and I loved just soaking up the sun for a while. I say that now as I look outside my window and it is grey and overcast and the wind seriously sounds like it is going to knock my trees down! I wish I could go back to last Saturday. Oh well, I'll look at the pictures and pretend I was there again.

We have another hunt tomorrow (weather permitting) and of course the big one at Grandma and Grandpas. That bunny is a tricky one, but brings the best candy! Can't wait to share the findings with the boys!!

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