Friday, February 19, 2010

Eric, Nicolette and Jim

Jim Brickman is one of Eric's favorite artist and on Wednesday my parents took Eric and I downtown to see one of his concerts. It was so much fun to hear him play live so many songs Eric and I have listen to together over the years and we even had one of them as our wedding song.
Being as big as fans as we were, we got to meet and hang out with Jim. Eric and Jim totally hit it off right away. By the end of our time with him you would of thought they were life long friends.

And after the show I got to sit with Jim on stage and he played a song for us. It was amazing! It was like having our own little private concert.
By the way, I am totally kidding. I totally photoshoped these photos and did a horrible job at it too, but it was fun! So we really just sat in the audience, listen to the beautiful music and never met Jim, but I am sure if we had we would be his new BFFs.

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