Sunday, November 29, 2009

90 Years of Greatness

At the beginning of this month we had a birthday party for my Mom's Mom. It was her 90th so her kids wanted to throw a big party for her. I volunteered to plan it. I mean come on, a huge party, and I don't have to pay for it.... done. It was a lot of fun. It started out simply with designing the invitations which is one of my favorite things to do. Then some more planning, food ordering and program planning was put into motion. By the time the party rolled around there had been countless hours of prepping, creating and executing, but looking back, it was really a nice success. My biggest stress is I am a big picture kind of person, and sometimes details are missed, but overall, I think I hit 95% just fine.

My cousin offered to play the piano for the event, which was a nice touch.
We collected artifacts from her home from her many travels around the world. My mom and I also made a dvd of some slides she had from her travels. My Grandma has literally traveled the world, and it was a really neat experience seeing some of those photos and imagining the stories behind them. I also did a dvd of some photos of her throughout her life. I love old photos, they have so much character, and it was exciting creating a story with them.
We held the party at her church, and any of you who have decorated the inside of church gym can appreciate my desire to add a little something extra to the room to change the mood. With a lot of thought and a little man power, we really did a nice job of creating an ambiance that was perfect.
And my boys, oh my boys did soooo well. We traveled to Reno early that morning and they just had to hang out ALL DAY. And they were angels. I was so proud of them.
The only time there was a little oops is when we forgot to take the punching balloons away from Tanner after the party had started. One landed on some guests food. All I could say was, 'At least it didn't spill all over you.' Oops.
After the party the family all headed out to dinner to wrap up the evening and have more cake. While the event was a big one, I really had a nice time learning more about my Grandma and her many experiences throughout her rich and eventful life. She is an extraordinary lady and I can't wait to plan her 100th Happy Birthday Grandma.

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